Success Stories


At Nakoma CrossFit, we love hearing success stories, because we believe that hard work and determination can yield amazing results! Below are some stories that we want to share with you.

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Suzie V:

“What a great way to start 2017 Natalie Marcom, I love the way things just seem to fall right into place when your searching for answers. I'm looking forward to my new personalized fitness program, as I have had a nice couple of months of recharging my body and very concerned on how I can stay fit with my limitations and injuries that really tweaked my mind. The best part is knowing that I have you back as my trainer and the best friend I ever met who I love and hate- lol!!! Your voice really never left my mind, it echoes and haunts me at certain times when I'm working out alone.(because I know what I can do) So let's get this rolling tomorrow! I'm excited and terrified at the same time in a good way!! Helping people achieve their goals is your gift from "God". I'm so glad to be a part of your new venture!! You'll be awesome in 2017 N@!!!!!”

Jenni B:

"Jason is a coach that truly cares about your goals and will put his all into helping you achieve them. With that said, if he is unsure in the proper way to help you he is not afraid to do the research to find the proper information for you. He is funny and always makes class fun and exciting keeping you coming back. He is attentive. He can watch a class as a whole, yet make you feel like you are the only one in the class. He pays close attention to your technique making you feel comfortable with the movements knowing you will only perform safe movements. Jason is knowledgeable in not only Crossfit, but many aspects of physical movements. He loves Olympic lifting, a multitude of different endurance races, and how to properly feed your body. I trust him fully in helping me achieve my goals!"

Angie J:

"This is a great place to workout. I love the atmosphere here at Nakoma Crossfit. Natalie the instructor really takes the time to explain all of the move and will present modifications if they are needed. Natalie and the other participants are encouraging. Just when you feel like you can't do one more rep, someone is there to get you motivated"

Natalie A: 

"Natalie is a great coach. Makes me more confident and gets me to push myself and keep good form. Love my new workout place!!"